A Day At The Track - By John Hitchcock

“The track” is a motocross track in Port Shepstone on the KwaZulu-Natal South Coast, where motocross enthusiasts from all over South Africa come to test out their bikes and themselves. It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced rider or a beginner; the fact of the matter is that you have fun.
I am a new to the off-road bike scene in fact I am the ultimate beginner, my riding experience is about the same as a six year old, but Natalie and Maurice Milton (owners of “The Track”) reassured me that I will be ok, as long as I take it easy.
The track is quite literally in their backyard, and it is evident that both Maurice and Natalie really love their track and the people that visit them on a weekly basis. The hospitality I received when I arrived there made me feel at home. Natalie spoke to the rest of my group about riding kit and all the little accessories you can get for your bike, and Maurice would give helpful riding advice, in my case it was “John take it easy and you will be fine” Advice that that I definitely took.
Being my first time on a bike I was nervous and the track did look a little intimidating, with its big jumps and sharp corners. Once we got all our bikes off the bakkie and we got all kitted up in our riding gear we were ready. I took the advice of everyone and took it easy on my first lap; I idled around the first few corners replaying the riding tips in my head, tips like “open the throttle at the apex of the corner to help you through, and put your foot out to help balance.” I was taking it easy and I was doing just fine.
After my first lap I pulled off to take a rest, and realized that all my fears were unfounded and that although the track looked very intimidating, it was well designed for both beginners as well as the most experienced riders. After a couple more laps and a few spark plugs later (long story, something about running rich…I was too tired to listen) lunch was served. A day at the track means that you get coffee on arrival and lunch around midday, and by midday I was starving. Natalie takes care of the all the riders; she makes sure that the cash bar is fully stocked with all manners of cold drinks and beers, (although there is a strict rule about alcohol and riding.) She also gets eats for the riders; whether it’s a braai pack or burgers no rider leaves the track hungry.
After lunch Maurice pulled out his Bobcat and began shaping some of the jumps and corners to help all the riders get more air and corner better. Watching him reminded me of a child playing in a sand pit and saying to himself “I wish I had one of these”, only thing Maurice has one and his sand pit is huge. But it was plain to see that he enjoys his riding and that he would want others to enjoy it as well.
The people that visit the track are a friendly lot, everyone giving advice and always willing to help their fellow riders, like when my spark plug died (for the third time) and riders on the track stopped to see if was OK. Everyone seemed to be drawn to the balcony overlooking the track to watch the more experienced guys showing us how it’s done and exchanged riding stories.

I enjoyed the day at the track and will gladly go again and again, because of how well the track is run and the hospitality I received there. Thanks again guys……
Thanks John for a great write. Keeps it on 2 wheels and we’ll see you at the Track in the Holidays. Please give us a call before you come up to ride, so we can let you know if The Track is open or closed.
TIP OF THE WEEK: - Put Vaseline on the sponge of your goggles, it will prevent the dust from going through.
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